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Just maybe phoning for a Friend is a site more easier than hooking up here
Discussion - started by longdongkong, posted on 14-Apr-18 12:37PM
Unless your a grandpa or grandma with forged friendships spanning a decade.


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Comment #1 by Cherub in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Apr-18 12:48PM

....did you ever think that maybe, what or how you phrase things might have anything to do with NOT being able to "hook up" on here....

Just sometimes .... it is ALL about the way to you go about it ....

Just a small observation
Comment #2 by KRoss in response to Cherub ( view post )
Posted on 14-Apr-18 6:56PM
Wow! You actually understood what he was saying? Please be my interpreter.
Comment #3 by Vulpes in response to the main topic
Posted on 16-Apr-18 6:36PM
Omg. Do you even English?

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