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BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS - live press conference @ 12.56pm
Discussion - started by Cheatingwife4me, posted on 20-May-18 12:55PM
Hi firstly welcome to everyone for attending at such short notice.
On Monday May 14th in Christchurch around 8 pm (local time) I did in fact meet someone/s from this site. What transpired was the result of straight forward communication without the bullshit and an agreement of a meet & greet at a local bar. I showed up. They showed up! It was really amazing stuff. I can confirm this site does in fact produce real people every now and then. Now go forth and spread the gospel. Amen.

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Comment #1 by Blueskynz in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-May-18 4:13PM
well done!!
Comment #2 by Molly in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-May-18 4:26PM
I've met plenty from over the years. If people have no intention of showing up they should just save everyone the trouble.
comment #3 was clobbered
Comment #4 by Thunder_Lightning in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-May-18 4:48PM
Party hats and cake for everyone!
Comment #5 by Cheekies in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-May-18 5:04PM
Comment #6 by Somethingclever in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-May-18 6:27PM
Praise the almighry
Comment #7 by Walkingnurse76 in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-May-18 7:41PM
...I've met one person from this site....but about 30 from the other site I'm on
Posted on 20-May-18 8:01PM
ive met a few off this site over the years,..
Posted on 20-May-18 8:09PM
What othet site u on
Posted on 20-May-18 8:11PM
I've been on here less than a year
Posted on 20-May-18 8:51PM
im getting older,..but this site has changed
Posted on 20-May-18 9:39PM
I've heard the same thing said about nzdating....the other site I'm on. I don't think it's the sites that are changing's society and what we allow as the "norm" these days...that's what's changing...
Posted on 20-May-18 9:53PM
i agree,... "normal", different for everyone huh
Posted on 20-May-18 9:54PM
Yes...these days normal is a setting on a dishwasher
Posted on 20-May-18 10:06PM
Nzd has changed over the years... Especially the message boards
Posted on 20-May-18 10:12PM
I haven't spent much time at all on the message boards...I read them occasionally but very rarely. I'm usually chatting
Comment #17 by ice88 in response to Walkingnurse76 ( view post )
Posted on 22-May-18 2:45PM
Dam!!! I need to be on any of those other sites coz I haven't met anyone on here at all wondering where all the complicated and NSA women at????
Comment #18 by Chchwol in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-May-18 4:23PM
I met four from this site :)
Posted on 24-May-18 5:30PM
Oh I've met over a dozen but time invested vs reward isn't a great ratio.
For each of those really legit people I dealt with probably 20 weak time wasters that had no intentions of going ahead with even a coffee or got freaked by a chat via phone. People who politely decline the offer are not time wasters to me.
Comment #20 by backscratcher in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-May-18 5:31PM
we used to be on here a couple of years ago and met a lot of single guys but it was hard to get couples. KS and others seemed to be better for that. having only rejoined yesterday it does look very different on the message boards.
Posted on 24-May-18 5:32PM
I'm big on a flyby cuppa often, just to check it's a real person.
Posted on 24-May-18 5:34PM
Very hard to find people on here 3 of people I met on here I met at a party
Posted on 24-May-18 5:37PM
meeting at parties is good, you can window shop a bit then
Posted on 24-May-18 5:38PM
Yea was fun diversities is a good place
Posted on 24-May-18 5:49PM
Its a good place for an orgy casual sex place but i think it lacks direction which is what some of the big private parties have
Posted on 24-May-18 5:50PM
I don't get invited to private parties being a single male
Posted on 24-May-18 5:54PM
No a temporary one of those atm

Posted on 24-May-18 5:57PM
Yea but for u its a good reason its a awesome thing being a father
Posted on 24-May-18 6:09PM
I hope so....been putting it off now for so long as we were having great sex...
Comment #30 by Cheatingwife4me in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-May-18 6:50PM
I've found single guys an absolute nightmare and surprisingly more gutless than women. Me & my lady friends have often searched for a guy and almost everyone has dropped nuts once you mention a quick chat via phone.
Few months back I thought we had the right guy so I passed my lady number to him, he then proceeded to sattempt in cutting me out of it unreal stuff.
He could have had her solo on a regular basis if he weren't so socially inept.
Now he jerks off over porn and misses out. I find older guys are genuine no bullshit but the younger bracket we seeked were these new melenial wimps!
Imagine WW3 breaking out with these types
Posted on 24-May-18 6:54PM
Not all of us single guys are gutless I'm not
Posted on 24-May-18 7:02PM
I believe you. As a confident straight up guy I honestly get confused at the mindset of these people. If you don't mind older women then message me as I'm down Christchurch in few weeks.
Posted on 24-May-18 10:06PM
Wish there were offers like that here in Timaru...
Posted on 24-May-18 11:15PM
What's the other site,?
Posted on 14-Jun-18 1:52PM
Hi. What site?
Comment #36 by me4u in response to Quakeboy ( view post )
Posted on 14-Jun-18 7:16PM
Sound like back side to me....
Comment #37 by Mjc in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-Jul-18 2:43PM
Good one I experienced the same when living in Auckland.. its great when it happens aye.. no such luck yet in Chch but Ive only been here for a couple weeks. Fingers crossed
Comment #38 by Mjc in response to Walkingnurse76 ( view post )
Posted on 22-Jul-18 2:43PM
Hi. What site is that?
Comment #39 by Mjc in response to Cheatingwife4me ( view post )
Posted on 22-Jul-18 2:57PM
I certainly dont mind older women and ALWAYS follow through on arrangements made. If you guys are ever in Chch again..

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