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Ladies who can squirt an do U enjoy it
Discussion - started by Ganman19, posted on 26-Jan-19 5:48PM
I'm fascinated with woman who can squirt real turn just wondering how much woman on here can an if thay enjoy it also can any woman do it with the right technic

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Comment #1 by Cumplay1968 in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Jan-19 6:37PM
Oh hell yeah, love it , don't really know how to answer last question as I know my own experience, I have one guy that can get me solely by oral and others that get me off with a combination of fingers and tongue. Truly amazed me how much guys love it but glad they do.
Comment #2 by missionimpossible in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Jan-19 7:08PM
I do and yes I do enjoy it, just makes a big mess! Had a fb that knew what he needed to do to get me there and it wasn't oral. Very exhausting once finished
Comment #3 by Ganman19 in response to Cumplay1968 ( view post )
Posted on 26-Jan-19 7:16PM
Yea Its amazingly hot but few an far between I've found trying to work out how common it is amongst woman
Posted on 26-Jan-19 7:17PM
What do U find best tactic to get U there
Posted on 26-Jan-19 7:40PM
Position and speed
Posted on 26-Jan-19 7:49PM
One woman I met taught me to blow her up with gusto like a baloon. With great effect. Another just required clitoral and vaginal sitmulation together. Its impressive how much fluid is released over several repetitions.
Posted on 26-Jan-19 7:54PM
Speed? As in fast?
comment #8 was clobbered
Posted on 26-Jan-19 8:25PM
Oh cool and yes.. We are all different.:)
Comment #10 by funock in response to Chchsmoothie ( view post )
Posted on 26-Jan-19 8:27PM
Whats also interesting is how recen it is in terms of being discussed. when we read books to learn reliable facts about sex. It was basically not even mentioned.
Comment #11 by Wreakingball in response to funock ( view post )
Posted on 26-Jan-19 8:35PM
People still don't realise it's coming from our bladder. They did a study made the women empty there bladder first then why they are masturbating they are scanning the bladder which fill up just before release
Posted on 26-Jan-19 8:55PM
Still hot to me love it trying to learn all I can
Comment #13 by flossie1nz in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Jan-19 10:28PM
I think men are fascinated because it is something that they can actually see. Most men wouldn't know if we had an orgasm (or not.. yes I have faked many a time) but the squirt is a sure fire way of them knowing they are doing something right. For me I have to be completely turned on, relaxed, a little bit drunk, just the right sort or penetration and viola! Although have also done it during anal so no real hard and fast rule. Certainly doesn't happen every time but when it does it just never seems to end and there's one hell of a mess. I always end up spending the next day doing washing...
Comment #14 by Niceguy53 in response to flossie1nz ( view post )
Posted on 26-Jan-19 10:39PM
Mmm nice. I'd love to make a woman squirt. Closest iv got is makn her very very wet
Posted on 26-Jan-19 10:42PM
For me...
Yes hard and fast
Comment #16 by Jemma in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Jan-19 10:42PM
Watch the u tube tutorials
Posted on 26-Jan-19 10:43PM
OK. Nice
Posted on 26-Jan-19 10:46PM
I had to get a mattress protector... And like you spend the next day doing washing.
Posted on 26-Jan-19 10:51PM
yes I think a mattress protector would be a very good investment.. I always remember to put down towels.. AFTER the fact
Posted on 26-Jan-19 10:54PM
yes i got a mattress protector too.
Found that sometimes when a lady starts squirting it keeps happening every orgasm after during that session..
Posted on 26-Jan-19 10:54PM
Posted on 26-Jan-19 11:36PM
I've made a few ladies squirt but without much effort. Was really due to a good pounding. My ex loved it hard from behind and was really embarrassed about herself squirting. Sometimes I had to stop so she wouldn't even though I didn't want to.
Comment #23 by funock in response to EvenEden ( view post )
Posted on 27-Jan-19 12:34AM
I have isues with the bladder explanation. I does seem logical but thats not what I read and secondly it doesnt typically taste smell or look like urine. I paid attention because that what i thought too. Granted these are one guys casual observations, except for the articles i read. Like to read your article too though.
Posted on 27-Jan-19 12:39AM
Interesting statement about the bladder filling up just before release. So its not necessarily urine?
Posted on 27-Jan-19 12:50AM
The very first time I squirted, I was embarrassed as I thought I had urinated, when I told him what I was thinking he told me that it wasn't urine and for me to smell and taste it to which I did and he was right. It wasn't urine!.. Infact I love the taste, I just lap it up.. The more I get... Happier I am:)
Comment #26 by ants68 in response to Cumplay1968 ( view post )
Posted on 27-Jan-19 12:15PM
loved to make the x squirt.
Posted on 27-Jan-19 12:15PM
yip but the mess is fun
Comment #28 by Hot1nz in response to the main topic
Posted on 27-Jan-19 10:01PM
I have a beaut fwb...made her squirt. Never had in her life.didnt know she could..we both enjoy it. I so get off on her juices all over me ..scented.
Comment #29 by Lickitdry in response to the main topic
Posted on 28-Jan-19 3:58PM
I would love to make someone squirt and lap it all up..yum! Does it taste like pussy juice?
Comment #30 by Sammypain in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Jan-19 7:33AM
Position, angle of entry, rhythm and knowing where she is at and what she likes
Always seems to work
Yet to find a woman that can resist the urge to splurge once I get going
Posted on 11-Feb-19 5:10PM
so its piss?
Posted on 11-Feb-19 6:43PM
Sorry but there is alot more that goes on when you women do orgasm. I can even taste the difference in you saliva when kissing you...
Posted on 11-Feb-19 7:49PM
No it's no pee
Posted on 11-Feb-19 8:05PM
whats the bloomin difference ?
Posted on 11-Feb-19 8:08PM
Squirt tastes nicer
Comment #36 by beachey2 in response to Niceguy53 ( view post )
Posted on 11-Feb-19 8:29PM
It taste sweet
Posted on 11-Feb-19 9:17PM
I'll agree to that!
Posted on 11-Feb-19 10:09PM

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