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Discussion - started by Singleton, posted on 3-Feb-19 9:26PM
Anyone wanna meet with me at checkmate, always been keen to suck a cock through a glory hole or we could just have a good play.

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Posted on 1-Nov-19 3:25PM
Thanks you welcome to cum around and get some more
Posted on 1-Nov-19 4:17PM
Mm pitty not closer
Comment #81 by ktt0630 in response to Laseredfeild ( view post )
Posted on 18-Nov-19 10:49PM
So, having read about Checkmates in a few threads I decided to 'check' it out this evening. My first time. Not my first time in a gay sauna, but I am not a regular as I put myself somewhere in between the bi middle and hetro end of the kinsey scale. No problem at all with gay guys, but I tend to like a bit of femininity in the mix.

So, Checkmates. After 8pm free parking nearby - that was my first concern over. Monday night $15 instead of $2 after pm - even better. Decent locker area, looked clean - happy. Undress - towel on no problem. Wander around - it is like a maze! No problem though. Nice spa bath - just what I needed after a day at work. Relax, nice. Looks like some action going on in the sauna room, but I am happy in the pool. Out shower, wander around. I found the sling room and a guy camme in behind me and gently reached for my cock - well, that's polite, not pushy, i can with it. Before long i am rock hard and leaning back enjoying a great bj. I didn't want to cum that soon though, so after I while I gently disengaged and he was cool about it. Wandered around a bit more, sat down by the glory holes hoping to get a cock to suck, but nothing so decided to go into the sauna. Ended up with some great three way oral and i took a really great load in my mouth from a really great looking guy. After that shower, time to go.

So, overall, I liked the place. Little bit too male for me, but I can get over that from time to time. I would seriously just go for the sauna and spa pool - it is a real shame there isn't a male and female place like it (like Rios in London).

If you are thinking about it go - I nevr felt anyone was in any way pushy and it seemed safe as houses (at pm on a Monday).

Two questions for regulars:

The gloryholes - suck from the tv side or the dark room side?
Would anyone care if I decided to write of some womens underwear and wear it? Theoretically the signs say towels only?
Comment #82 by Paint_myface in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 8:03AM
There are two GH areas. Just beside the lockers is an another area. Aouut five or six stalls set up with holes in each wall, bar the stall beside the wall. Hang your towel over the door so others know you in there, then hopefully someone will go into the stall next to the one you're in and slide their cocks thru for you to enjoy. Its normally what I go there give head to a random cock, but cock appearances are pretty fickle tbh.
Comment #83 by ktt0630 in response to Paint_myface ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 8:18AM
Thanks for the tip about hanging your towel over the door.
Comment #84 by cdwanabe227 in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-Nov-19 10:57AM
Thinking I'm may check this out tonight
Comment #85 by RachelTV3 in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 12:02PM
hi great review, I've been a few times in the past, but like you id like to wear some panties, stockings and maybe wear my bra make up and wig, but how would that be received? I figured id do it and just keep myself to one of the private rooms with door slightly open, but id love to hear from someone who could tell me if it was ok to walk around dressed like that x great review by the way x
Comment #86 by KiakahaNZ in response to RachelTV3 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 1:05PM
How do people generally walk around Checkmates?
Posted on 19-Nov-19 1:14PM
Id be happy if cds were wondering around,
Comment #88 by RachelTV3 in response to KiakahaNZ ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 2:04PM
just a towel normally
Comment #89 by Ben10 in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 2:05PM
Thank you so much for sharing.
Comment #90 by Singleton in response to RachelTV3 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 2:10PM
The last time I went do one was wearing panties and a bra and no one cared. They got a good few guys lined up after them
Comment #91 by Ben10 in response to cdwanabe227 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 2:14PM
Hey if you do go tonight could you tell us how you got on??
Posted on 19-Nov-19 4:58PM
The first time I went there I was sat in a stall in the GH area, the other area by one of the TV lounges wasn't built yet, and a lovely looking cock was presented thru the hole. I sucked on it for about 10 mins and he said he was going to cum, so i unlocked my stall door and he came in and shot a huge load on my face. It was amazing. I then walked around for a few minutes with his cum all over my face before I showered and left.
Posted on 19-Nov-19 5:25PM
fabulous, literally anything can happen in there it real is great I found
Comment #94 by Ben10 in response to Paint_myface ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 5:38PM
That's so hot...
Comment #95 by domseka in response to RachelTV3 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 6:38PM
mmmmmm,id love to see you walking around dressed,please advise when you intend to do so ;p
Comment #96 by Laseredfeild in response to domseka ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 7:18PM
Would be great if was 2-3 ppl dressed ....
I reckon new years eve be great way to see in new year
Comment #97 by domseka in response to Laseredfeild ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 7:25PM
no no,ill be away then ha
Comment #98 by Singleton in response to RachelTV3 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 7:35PM
Yea fell I love when I first went and from then it's just been something different every time. From swallowing a load in the porn room while someone fingers my ass. Or getting in a circle in the sauna and have a circle jerk with a bunch of dudes. Still yet to have a cock in my ass but I think that's next time
Posted on 19-Nov-19 9:26PM
Wow, would love to be in the centre of a circle jerk
Comment #100 by sledge in response to Laseredfeild ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 10:02PM
yes would make the trip down there worth it as it's a long way for nothing
Comment #101 by RachelTV3 in response to Singleton ( view post )
Posted on 19-Nov-19 10:13PM
there's an open area where you can lie down about the size of two to three double beds, I leaned over on my hands and knees to suck a nice cock, the next thing I know someone has there cock inside me and Im getting fucked from behind, didn't see who it was or where they went, but it felt great x its that kind of place, you can just walk around and watch, just lie in the spa pool or play, nice relaxed atmosphere, personally I just love the cradle x
Posted on 19-Nov-19 10:22PM
So many options
& Never disappointed when leave ..
Posted on 19-Nov-19 10:38PM
almost if i could only bring in my fem side it would be perfect x
Posted on 19-Nov-19 10:55PM
You can do that at my party in January
Comment #105 by otay1000 in response to KiakahaNZ ( view post )
Posted on 20-Nov-19 11:57AM
When I was there last year I started with a towel on too but spent most of the time with it over my shoulder and nude. Had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Will definitely be back when in Wellywood next. ..
Comment #106 by Singleton in response to the main topic
Posted on 21-Nov-19 12:46PM
I'm thinking tomorrow afternoon, hope to see some people there!
Comment #107 by chastitysub in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Nov-19 11:58PM
Sounds like a fun place. I am curious about the fem clothing though. Even just stay-up stockings and panties would be fun to wear. Is this an option? And would guys be ok with me being naked but in a steel chastity cage? My main question is around condoms though. I am very new to the gay scene and was hoping to use condoms. Especially if guys fuck my ass. Is this ok to ask people to do?
Posted on 25-Nov-19 6:02AM
There's condoms all through checkmate, as well as lube dispensers,
It's a personal choice as to what you do sexually so yes you have a right to ask a guy to use condom if he wishes to fuck you ....
Posted on 25-Nov-19 5:05PM
As Laseeedfield says, they are easily available and should be worn. Its also a matter of respect to one another. If they dont want to wear a condom, move on. You have the ultimate say a to what happens with you and your body.
Posted on 25-Nov-19 6:28PM
Thanks for that Laseredfeild and Davidbutler. I may just be super cautious but I would be after a condom on for both oral and anal. In saying that though, I am super new so not sure I'd be any good on the oral. Anally though I guess as long as you are available, you can't do much wrong being a hole for a guy. That's the theory at least.

So what was the verdict on my wearing a chastity cage and/or feminine underwear? I imagine most gay guys will be a bit put off by the underwear at least. Not sure on peoples thoughts on a chastity cage.
Posted on 27-Nov-19 7:48PM
Curious, is it a short walk from the entrance to the gh room, and how populated would that area be? I'm very new and don't want to bump into to many people
Posted on 27-Nov-19 9:10PM
The showers are open and in view of anyone going to the spa, steam room or sauna. From the shower to the dark GH area is about 10 feet
Posted on 1-Dec-19 7:01PM
Just remember that everyone else is there for the same thing you are. Even if you did meet someone you know, they are hardly likely to mention it in other company.
Comment #114 by KiakahaNZ in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 2-Dec-19 7:15AM
Sure. But while some people are "open" others are not. But I get your meaning.
Posted on 2-Dec-19 11:57AM
This sounds like a place I need to visit so I can explore my fantasies and broaden my horizons. I get a little shy at times especially when I see the size of some cocks (mines not exactly big)
Posted on 2-Dec-19 3:03PM
I know the feeling! !
Posted on 2-Dec-19 5:50PM
IM not hung, it's not all about the size of your cock
Ive had some great fun with guys with smaller cocks & they just as much fun ( if not more fun ) than larger cocks
Posted on 2-Dec-19 6:00PM
That's what I need to get into my head ;). By the way your cock looks delicious
Posted on 2-Dec-19 9:06PM
So the hanging your towel over the door trick worked - no sooner than I'd locked the door a nice big cock was through the hole. It felt really good having to get on my knees to take it deep. As soon as they finished, a second appeared too! Plus two sucked in the sauna - four in less than an hour this evening!

Top tip though guys, if someone is changing in the locker room, deliberately facing into the corner they probably aren't interested in small talk!
Posted on 2-Dec-19 9:11PM
If facing the corner, wld suggest that they are shy ?
Ya wear lingerie in sauna ?
Posted on 2-Dec-19 9:13PM
It would suggest I didn't want to talk to engage with people in the locker room. No just naked.
Comment #122 by aqron in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 2-Dec-19 10:46PM
I am very shy, but this turns me on. I would need go somebody i know and trusted.
Comment #123 by ktt0630 in response to aqron ( view post )
Posted on 2-Dec-19 10:49PM
Just do it - the entrance is really discrete. The guy on the counter is great. If you think you would love it, dont deny yourself.
Posted on 2-Dec-19 11:11PM
Ahhh good to hear. One could say it was a.....suckcess.
Comment #125 by Readyforit in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 3-Dec-19 7:49PM
Just curious, If your new to this lifestyle does anyone help you out there or just everything for yourself?
Posted on 3-Dec-19 8:53PM
The staff are open to questions and most guys are more than happy if you tell them you're new to go slow and teach you how it all works. My first time I was in a glory hole room with a guy teaching me how to suck his cock. Then I spent the next hour sucking 6 cocks through the holes. Great way to learn
Posted on 4-Dec-19 6:56AM
yes it's great, places like these most guys are happy to show new guys around etc,
Guys that work there are obliging also to any questions
If it's wet here on Saturday, I may have to head down for an arvo of hot fun !
If do so my pussy needs attention, it's been far too long !
Comment #128 by domseka in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 4-Dec-19 8:46AM
nice,what times are you finding action?ive visited a few times around 7ish early week and it has been VERY quiet

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