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Breast Play wanted
Discussion - started by blackbra2, posted on 13-Mar-19 11:35PM
So Ive thought about this long and hard and I'll probably get some less than complimentary responses. I love breasts, but owing to recent medical events, the lady I love no longer has breasts. I still love her dearly and we are still loving and intimate, but I do miss the feel of nice breasts to run my hand over or nipples to play with. So I was wondering if there are any ladies particularly in the Coromandel Peninsula region that would mind some breast play, nothing more is needed. Thanks

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Comment #2 by blackbra2 in response to Opentoideas ( view post )
Posted on 13-Mar-19 11:49PM
You are the twat I was expecting. Yes I crossdress and the bra is mine clown
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Comment #4 by blackbra2 in response to Opentoideas ( view post )
Posted on 13-Mar-19 11:53PM
You dont know me, my partner or our story so you are the loser. Anyway I asked for a lady not a dick
Comment #5 by blackbra2 in response to Opentoideas ( view post )
Posted on 13-Mar-19 11:54PM
Opentoideas...load of rubbish . Very closed mind
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Comment #7 by blackbra2 in response to Opentoideas ( view post )
Posted on 14-Mar-19 12:04AM
I really hope one day your lady goes,through the diagnosis, the removal,the chemo, finding it again and repeating the whole process, then maybe, just maybe you can comment. All I asked for was just a moment orxtwo of something I miss and nothing more. I can guarantee Im more genuine in my search than you will ever understand
Posted on 14-Mar-19 8:38AM
What the fuck made you think your opinion was actually wanted here fucker? Its not up to you to decide if his story is true or false. So hi discussion explaining his point and asking for a playmate doesnt concern you in the least, unless you happen to have a nice pair of tits for the dude to play with.
He could have three wives and a ts husband, but im not looking for anyone to play witb my tits so theres absolutely no reason for me to comme t on this thread. But then i saw your comments which are unfair and uncalled for and though, what a fucking wanker.
This discussion was one guy asking for something. Not one part of it asked for opinions or abuse, although he acknowledged he may get some. His life isnt yours, so you dont get to judge him. If hes lying, what harm does it do you personally? Fucking none.
So grow up and fuck off eh. Or do want people to follow you around and ruin everything you want to acheive?
Ffs. Some of the adults on this adult site are as adult as a freshly dropped load of fucking wank mustard. Truly sad that yall cant be on here without exerting your awesomeness on everyone else.
Comment #9 by Mercutio in response to Opentoideas ( view post )
Posted on 14-Mar-19 8:53AM
What's this place coming to? Exactly. What concern is it of yours that this guy is asking for this? None, absolutely none. Either a woman will find this appealing (and do her own decision making if it's genuine or not, or she may not even care) Or he will get no response. But wtf has this got to do with you.
For what it's worth I think he us genuine and hi wish him luck.
Posted on 14-Mar-19 8:54AM
out of line sorry
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Posted on 14-Mar-19 11:37AM
Great response. Truly. If i had tits i would, but im male. Little known fact about males is they dont normally have tits. If my partner was home and we didnt live in completely different places id think about it and comment on his discussing to indicate if we were interested. I sure as fuck wouldnt come in here like a little bitch to call him a liar and a fake. Your profile says youre laidback and open minded. Your acrual comments say youre a fucking twat. Which do you think the women, trans, and couples youre seeking will believe? The lies and fakeness of your profile, or the comments you make publicly when your brain has a spasm and regurgitates a few syllables? Because i dont believe a word of your profile after seeing what you deem "maturity". Good luck with the search...
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Posted on 14-Mar-19 12:58PM
More like nofuckingideas
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Posted on 14-Mar-19 2:56PM
Thanks so much
Posted on 14-Mar-19 2:56PM
Thanks for your support
Comment #19 by blackbra2 in response to Mercutio ( view post )
Posted on 14-Mar-19 2:57PM
Thank you Mercutio
Comment #20 by blackbra2 in response to massagenz ( view post )
Posted on 14-Mar-19 2:57PM
Thanks Massagenz
Comment #21 by porsche in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Mar-19 3:46PM
I have been here, I hope you succeed in finding
Comment #22 by bau05 in response to blackbra2 ( view post )
Posted on 14-Mar-19 3:47PM
Good luck finding what your looking for
Comment #23 by jamiestenton in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Mar-19 5:22PM
Im in the same situation.
I miss soft breasts, and all the fun that can be had with them.
Comment #24 by DownOnTheUpside in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Mar-19 6:12PM
go for it man... sorry to hear about your partners medical issues... hope ya find what you're after :)
Comment #25 by mypetginger in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Mar-19 6:15PM
And NOW people are coming out in support. Good stuff people! Great way of proving not everyone on here is some jumped up keyboard warrior expert on everything. May you all find all the boobies you need.
Posted on 14-Mar-19 6:22PM
just some absolute fuck knuckes and knob jockeys around ... such a shame
Posted on 14-Mar-19 6:53PM
Ruins it for everyone else. People just need to adult more.
Posted on 14-Mar-19 6:57PM
im 40 and still not grown up ... but i know when to keep certain opinions to myself... its called respect and common sense...that guy was just a carry on... good luck to him finding someone with that attitude...
Posted on 14-Mar-19 7:05PM
OUTSTANDING COMMENT BROTHA!!! Cop that you peice of shit..
Yeah you know what you are fuck face!
Opentoideas my fuckin ass!..
Nice work Ginge
Posted on 14-Mar-19 7:09PM
You know it!!! HERE HERE
Posted on 14-Mar-19 7:18PM
Chur bro
Posted on 14-Mar-19 8:49PM
i wish you nothing but the best in seeking what your missing
Comment #33 by bau05 in response to mypetginger ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-19 8:36AM
Its funny that people are like that
I do not agree with a lot off people
But as long as its consensual whats the issue

Sadly sites like this have some attractions for the more Fed up peeps
There will always be people who need a super sonic lead injection
But down that road is Mr Hitler

Ignore is always the best option in my opinion
Posted on 15-Mar-19 7:47PM
I Just would like to say,
when i read that story at the very start of all
this "regardless of my opinion" as a
compasionate human being, i felt that persons
love, sorro and pain for there loving partner
who has been through a very traumatic time
in there life!!!
Only a narsisistic self loathing bully brain
could not feel a slight bit of empathy for
that honest, respectfull and absolutly
straight the fuck up request for a desire that
i can fully understand as they are one of the
most beautiful things on earth to enjoy......

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