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Event organised by Meonly-Fun_unlimited
When: Saturday 19 February 2022 starting at 4:30PM ( past event )
Where: Auckland City
RSVP and find out more
Dress code: u can come in naked who fucken cares
Costs: no cost who look geniune but who look suspiciius a fully refundable deposit to admiin may be need t dont
About this event: Hi Aucklanders whats happening...if nothing than make something happened. Im in CBD currently at a decent apartment in the 14th floor and can host. If you think you would want to come in for a glass of wine than ask permission and it may be granted but 1 glass pls because i just got 1 bottle and dont want to walk back but if you bring in something you may be reimbursed. This is an open invitation to all the gold members here only please and you need to apply to and if approved than come in and i will be accomodating till i want to sleep. single males or females or couples or if you just want to fuck but cant find a space than come in but dont im not going anywhere i will be sitting an d watching you and join if you invite. and if someone is keen to come in while someone is here than both should have full access to read each others full profile and if one doesnt back out than the decision is the host who he wants to keep. but there is more what if i have a female friend with me in here to fuck. keep showing interests and apply if keen. only gold members only need to apply. Photos and address sent to approved members but if im live you can see in live camera my surroundings. SORRY but this is invitation is only for fully vacinated people and no comparise on this and proof would be required
Open to: Full Subscribers only. All men, All women, All transgender, All couples All ages
  1. Meonly-Fun_unlimited, 45 to 54 age group, Male

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