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Thursday night couples delight
Event organised by Blanchejonandfriends
When: Thursday 19 May 2022 starting at 7:30PM ( past event )
Where: Christchurch City
Dress code: Whatever comes off quickly!
Costs: Free, but bring a bottle to share.
About this event: We're back in Christchurch on Thursday 19 May staying at a classy resort and are looking for some sexy couples and single ladies to join us for a small but exclusive orgy. If you've played with us before, please join in again this time!
Open to: All women, All transgender, All couples 35yrs and over
  1. justsexSR, 64&57, M+F Couple
  2. Secondtimearound, 55&51, M+F Couple
  3. Justfun101, 53&, M+F Couple
  4. robbierabbit, 55&53, M+F Couple
  5. Blanchejonandfriends, 0, Female
  1. lovers2, 66&59, M+F Couple
  2. jtool, 49&51, M+F Couple
  3. Hornymale, , Male
  4. mypetginger, 43&38, M+F Couple
  5. maoricouple6868, 36&36, M+F Couple
  6. AlyIain29, 52, Female
  7. glennandsindy, 60&45, M+F Couple
  8. Poundherplzher, in their 40's&in their 40's, M+F Couple
  9. Pleasure_PIMP, 33&33, M+F Couple
  10. SassyGirl32, 44&52, M+F Couple

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