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Another Thursday night swingers delight
Event organised by Blanchejonandfriends
When: Thursday 7 July 2022 starting at 7:30PM ( past event )
Where: Christchurch City
Dress code: Whatever comes off easily!
Costs: No cost, but please bring a bottle to share.
About this event: Our party the other evening was huge fun so we're setting up another for Thursday 7 July at the same venue. If you joined us last time, you know where to come and we would love to see ypu again. If you didnt join us but would like to this time, the venue is a very nice Christchurch resort. Meet in the room around 7.30 pm and play when everyone's comfortable. We are aiming for 16 or so people (we got 15 last time) so there's room for you! Single guys - we will be in touch personally if we would like you to join us.
Open to: All women, All transgender, All couples All ages
  1. cray, in their 60's&in their 60's, M+F Couple
  2. justsexSR, 64&57, M+F Couple
  3. Pleasure_PIMP, 33&33, M+F Couple
  4. sensualchchcouple, 62&55, M+F Couple
  5. robbierabbit, 55&53, M+F Couple
  6. Blanchejonandfriends, 0, Female
  1. Milo, 45 to 54 age group&45 to 54 age group, M+F Couple
  1. Secondtimearound, 55&51, M+F Couple
  2. Lsdmuncha86, 38, Male
  3. cashe69, 54, Male
  4. livingitup, 49, Female
  5. Stevewest, 48&, M+F Couple
  6. Itstimetolive, 59&62, M+F Couple
  7. , 0,
  8. , 0,
  9. , 0,

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