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Group BJ and Bukkake
Event organised by 2Timid
When: Saturday 11 February 2017 starting at 8:00PM ( 3 weeks from now )
Where: Hutt City
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Dress code:
About this event: Valentines Day...well the weekend before, 2017. As the title says. Group blowjob and bukkake.

From Wiki....Bukkake is the noun form of the Japanese verb bukkakeru, to dash or sprinkle water), and means "to dash", "splash", or "heavy splash".

Looking for clean, showered and STI free EURO men to enjoy a blowjob from one or maybe 2 females and then to cum on the face of at least one of them. Message for more details. Event to be held at a private residence in Lower Hutt. Small $10 fee to cover cleaning. Message for more details
Open to: Straight/Bi-curious men, Straight/Bi-curious/Bisexual women, Straight/Bi-curious couples Aged 30 to 60
  1. Goodtimes1979, 37, Male
  2. nz007, 56, Male
  3. Naughty_J, 48, Male
  4. totty, 48, Male
  5. amhappy2, 54, Male
  6. 2Timid, 46&46, M+F Couple
  7. NoobPartners, 51&50, M+F Couple
  8. Tobesomeone, 53, Male
  9. Newbee123, 51, Male
  10. mike33, 34, Male
  11. SugarFree-VJ, 40&39, M+F Couple
  12. Siirrr, 40, Male
  13. Miketawa, 32, Male
  14. helpmeout33, 39, Male
  15. deviantgent, 50, Male

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