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Event organised by Thunder_Lightning
When: Saturday 23 June 2018 starting at 7:00PM ( past event )
Where: Hutt City
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Dress code: Guys undress and arrival. Ladies at least topless/tits out please
Costs: No cost but encourage participants to consume a couple of large glasses of Pineapple Juice each day in the week leading to the event. :-) Seriously thou, it does make cum taste and smell better
About this event: Bukkake evening. Blowbjobs/handjobs only.

IMPORTANT: At the risk of sounding old fashioned, if your status is married, attached, or something other than single, and you don't intend on bringing your partner along or you are doing something you know they wouldn't approve of, we are not really interested. We wouldn't want our partners to cheat on us, so we aren't going to encourage cheating by others. There will be NO bi guy action. This is purely guy on girl stuff.

Wanting between 10 and 20 clean, preferably shaven, SHOWERED,DISEASE FREE and smelling good, Euro guys who enjoy being sucked, wanked and aren't afraid to masturbate in front of others, to shoot cum onto the wife's face.

Other ladies welcome to come along, not to receive cum, but maybe to help prep the boys? or simply to offer support, girl power and simply to be another woman there so wife is not the only female. It can be a bit intimidating being the only woman there. If other ladies come along, the level of participation is entirely up to them. Only thing I would say is wife to receive all the cum on her face...however she may agree to share it with you

Respect for the ladies is compulsory. Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Any crap and you will be asked to leave. All our other events have been good fun with plenty of laughs. Lets keep it that way.

The event will be photographed/video'd HOWEVER, no identities will be revealed. You have my word on that. 99.9% of photos taken will be close ups of cum landing on her face. I envisage once the first guy pops, everyone else will follow up quickly to ensure a good wet covering, and no chance of any drying and being hard to see before the next offering. Better from a photography aspect as well.

Facial and bukkake porn will be playing on screen for inspiration.

A note for people who have issues with dogs. A dog does live here. He will be locked away during the n
Open to: Straight men, Straight/Bi-curious/Bisexual women, Straight couples Aged 30 to 60
  1. jay2685, 33, Male
  2. Hornyfun, 48, Male
  3. Raisin, 51, Male
  4. Thunder_Lightning, in their 40's&in their 40's, M+F Couple
  5. Relick, in their 30's, Male
  6. majorpeacheater, 39, Male
  7. Finesam, 36, Male
  8. HugeSchlong, 34, Male
  9. 996, 48, Male
  10. nigenz, 39, Male
  11. karcherfan, 45, Male
  1. countrygirlnz123, 51, Female

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