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Southern Swap-Meat
Event organised by i-call-him-master
When: Saturday 27 April 2019 starting at 6:00PM ( past event )
Where: Invercargill
Dress code: B&D
About this event: Finally a swingers party that single men, women and couples are welcome to attend.
We have locked in a date, time and venue for this exciting new southern event.
The evenings theme will be B&D while dress up is encouraged it is not compulsory, and neither are the spanking

Starting at 6pm with drinks and nibbles, as a get to know you / icebreaker session. Followed by whatever takes your fancy.

We are hoping to have a spa and a dungeon set up for this event.

Please note that this party will only tolerate safe and consensual sex.
Any type of harrasment, body, kink shaming and bad behaviour will result in you being removed from the venue immediately.

Limited accommodation will be available and there is plenty of space to pitch a tent 😉
Please rsvp ASAP if you require acomodation

Things to bring:
Towel (if u wish to spa)
Booze (if you wish to drink)
A plate of nibbles to share
Protection (condoms)
Any special toys or props you enjoy using
Good attitude and open mind

Remember what happens at the Swap-Meat stays at the Swap-Meat, bearing this in mind cameras and cellphones are banned in any play areas.

Please respect the hosts and their property and make this an event to remember and hopefully the first of many.

There will be a colour coded ribbon system to show others your orientation and expectation
Open to: All men, All women, All transgender, All couples All ages

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Comment #1 by i-call-him-master in response to the main topic
Posted on 23-Apr-19 7:35PM
Hey team just had a planning meeting for the southern swap meat party this Saturday. Getting exciting now and only a few days to go. Spa is all set up ready to go, dungeon is all set up as well, will even have a pole set up in one of the lounges. I will send out the address and any last minute details on Friday. Till then Stay kinky :)
  1. SubSissySlave, 47, Transgendered
  2. Nat101, 27, Female
  3. Anthia, , Male
  4. samajay, 29, Male
  5. outthere4u, 59&59, M+F Couple
  6. Up4fun69, 25 to 34 age group&35 to 44 age group, M+F Couple
  7. BossCock, 29, Male
  8. Mauinz, 54, Male
  9. whereswilly, 23, Male
  10. Rb30, 28, Male
  11. Me4unow, 27, Male
  12. jaykey, 34, Male
  13. Init, 31, Male
  14. Hnasb, 39&46, M+F Couple
  15. i-call-him-master, , Female
  1. Atomic321, 43, Male
  2. bicountrygal, &, M+F Couple
  3. sugardee, in their 50's, Male
  4. venusworship, 35 to 44 age group, Male
  5. Intoit7201, 29, Male
  6. lonelyguy28, 30, Male
  7. jkfdlols, 24, Male
  8. Ann, 35 to 44 age group, Female
  9. tochelle, 55&53, M+F Couple
  10. EvenEden, 42, Male
  11. Stevesmith, 45 to 54 age group, Male
  12. Jane, 33, Male
  13. gibsonslash69, 41, Male
  14. Harry2469, 26, Male
  15. Cowman123, 37, Male
  16. Ready4all, 28, Male
  17. Maddy25, 26, Female
  1. abby182, 21, Female
  2. ross, 55 to 64 age group&31, M+F Couple
  3. Lickitdry, 35 to 44 age group, Male
  4. Hw9, 52&52, M+F Couple
  5. Coupleforfuntimes, 37&28, M+F Couple
  6. uforus, &in their 40's, M+F Couple
  7. jimmy99, 34&28, M+F Couple
  8. funtimes2009, 43, Female
  9. Cosysofa, 26, Female
  10. Kilin540, 26, Female
  11. adventureseeker, 27&26, M+F Couple
  12. Mwantstoplay, 55, Female
  13. val, 43&33, M+F Couple
  14. kinkycouple32, 34&34, M+F Couple
  15. HotHolly, 25 to 34 age group, Female
  16. ttracy64, 36, Female
  17. Dirtysouth13, 27, Female
  18. funandgam3s, 40&36, M+F Couple
  19. Mavericks, 45 to 54 age group&45 to 54 age group, M+F Couple
  20. Kate96, in their 20's, Female

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