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4bidenT3mpt8n's interests
4bidenT3mpt8n ( Secretlust)
Auckland Region, New Zealand ()
Location: Auckland Region
Male, 36 (It's complicated)
Interested in hearing from Women, Transgendered, Couples
Friendship and/or sex (i am open to possibly meeting)

Sexual Desires

Hi Lovers, how are we doing? Won’t keep this lengthy as long term communication without progress isn’t worth wasting time over, especially when it’s precious and non reversible. Let’s not be the ones that say “shoulda, woulda and coulda” in our final moments.

First and foremost and non negotiable is mutual respect for each other’s privacy, discretion and choices.

Now that all the boring part is dealt with....... you’ll find me to be a social fly, full of energy and life, passionate lover, adventurous and successful young human whom is very easy to communicate and form a mutually agreed bond with. As I do like to socialise, it would be absolutely and undoubtedly beneficial to connect, message and get acquainted with personally. Happy to meet first with no obligations over coffee or a meal as I do understand some lovers may have reservations and trust building to deal with. So what are we waiting for...... tick tock, let’s connect and pursue our wildly imagined and fantasised sexual pleasures.

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