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Discussion - started by north-south, posted on 11-Mar-19 8:19AM
Personally I have no wish to indulge, but I wonder if ladies who do will tell the class why.

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Comment #1 by kafuffledquandary in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Mar-19 12:10PM
It's a pretty amazing feeling to reverse the roles, so to speak. I love the sense of power, but also the ability of the person involved to trust me enough to take the role seriously.
Posted on 11-Mar-19 3:38PM
Yes, I wondered about the role reversal and the feeling of power.
Comment #3 by Nersayus in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Mar-19 3:44PM
For the same reason we give bjs it feels good for the receiver.
I enjoy it because they are getting off on it, some have the most intense orgasms from being fucked and I enjoy giving them. I dont enjoy silent starfish because that's boring. Much the same as a bj, what's in it for the giver is about the pleasure it brings. The more that is shared the more enjoyable the experience.
Comment #4 by north-south in response to Nersayus ( view post )
Posted on 11-Mar-19 7:59PM
I like that. Thankyou.
Posted on 11-Mar-19 8:07PM
I tend to be Dominant a lot more than submissive, so I guess that's why?
I am someone who likes helping others experience new things in a safe space, and pegging has always been great in that respect. There's no judgment either way if it doesn't go as planned or the person doesn't actually enjoy it.
Posted on 11-Mar-19 8:11PM
Fair enough. If someone wants to try it they don't have to like it.
Posted on 11-Mar-19 8:11PM
I'd love to try one day
but so inexperienced at that sort of thing... maybe one day
Posted on 11-Mar-19 8:18PM
You'll have no trouble finding a willing helper.
Posted on 11-Mar-19 8:19PM
yeah.. gotta be full on my call though
ya never know i guess.
prob gotta get a bit of practice in
Posted on 11-Mar-19 9:02PM
Yes, it's definitely gotta be when YOU are ready for it. I helped a guy work up to it by starting on tiny butt plugs first, working his way up. Always at his pace.
Posted on 11-Mar-19 9:09PM
you sound like the type of gal im after.
. a shame you're where you are and im where i am
Posted on 11-Mar-19 9:11PM
I know. It's the story of my life!! Haha.
Posted on 11-Mar-19 9:12PM
maybe one day... ya never know aye
Comment #14 by skinnie in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Mar-19 9:16PM
i would love to try it with the right person
Posted on 11-Mar-19 9:19PM
Posted on 11-Mar-19 9:49PM
Too true. x
Posted on 11-Mar-19 9:53PM
i could very well be in your nrck of the woods one day and boom! pegged
Posted on 12-Mar-19 12:20AM
Haha. Now there's a mental picture!
Posted on 12-Mar-19 6:58AM
Posted on 12-Mar-19 7:49AM
Pegged in the neck! Would that mean a strap-on down your throat?
Posted on 12-Mar-19 10:14AM
im open to it
Posted on 12-Mar-19 10:55PM
I can completely relate to this. It's a completely different experience for my man to allow himself to so vulnerable to me and to surrender to my will.
Posted on 12-Mar-19 11:10PM
so hot reading these comments
Comment #24 by mirddes in response to the main topic
Posted on 15-Mar-19 6:30PM
Can someone smaller than me please peg me. Pretty please.
Comment #25 by north-south in response to mirddes ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-19 8:14PM
You want a lady with a little strap-on?
Posted on 15-Mar-19 11:58PM
Posted on 16-Mar-19 2:15PM
That's how I started. Only been pegged once (by someone not far from this thread) but as well as the wonderful feeling of having a cock inside me, it was the feeling of total vulnerability and loss of control that made it such a primal feeling. Wonderful!
Comment #28 by mirddes in response to north-south ( view post )
Posted on 16-Mar-19 3:21PM
A little to medium lady with a little to medium strap-on.

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