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That first time ;)
Discussion - started by wlgcpl, posted on 13-Mar-19 8:23PM
Confession time, how was your first time having sex, who was it with,where and what age? You get the point lets have some fun, bet there are some cool stories.

I was 18, she was 36 took her at her house starting in the laundry. Was awesome, I was the first guy to go down on her

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Comment #1 by DownOnTheUpside in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Mar-19 8:33PM
i was 15 she was 17
school party... we were both kinda loners... thought we should hook up...
gave me a blow job in the bathroom and ended up blowing in mins... and just before party finished she found me again and asked for me to fuck her... went out to her car and fucked in the back.. lasted mins ... would meet up at school for the rest of the year and just fool around on the fields
Comment #2 by Opentoideas in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Mar-19 9:35PM
13 and she was 35
Alcohol keg party was involved
Did her on a weight bench
Then again in her VW beetle
Posted on 13-Mar-19 9:36PM
how did you fit .... in the car i mean
Posted on 13-Mar-19 10:02PM
She was in the car
I was standing on the outside
Posted on 13-Mar-19 10:05PM
brilliant...a classy move
Comment #6 by Blueskynz in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Mar-19 10:07PM
I was at my GF house just leaving her room after just playing with her... as I was leaving I made it too the lounge and her a noise. I thought it was her just coming to see why I was taking so long

It was her younger sister... we kissed and then fucked on the lounge floor

I broke up with her older sister the next day

We fucked almost every day for about two months!! Even during school lunch break

I was 16 she was 15... enough said....
Comment #7 by north-south in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Mar-19 10:08PM
I was 17, she was 19. We went for a drive one night just because we could. Ended up drinking home brew on a riverbank. I'm not sure whose pants fell down first but we soon found how to fit part A into part B, and when it was over I was no longer a virgin.
Posted on 13-Mar-19 10:08PM
Comment #9 by kafuffledquandary in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Mar-19 1:22AM
"took her", "did her"
You guys are so articulate.

Eek. My first time should be made into a horror film. I don't think you want to know tbh.
Posted on 14-Mar-19 3:53PM
Yes I think I would like to know
Posted on 14-Mar-19 3:56PM
i wanna know
Comment #12 by porsche in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Mar-19 3:57PM
I was 18 she was 16. down the river bed . Asked if i might have sex, yes. got in out and in and out and shot up all over her breast. total time about seconds
But was asked if I would like to try again, silly question
Posted on 14-Mar-19 4:46PM
Wow! I love that your first was outdoors!
Posted on 14-Mar-19 4:51PM
Are you sure?!

Ok, I was 26 (Yes, you read that right) and he was 17 (Yes, you read that right). We were flatmates.
He didn't spend any time on foreplay whatsoever, and once finished, he went off to the bathroom to clean himself up.
He came running back in with a look of terror on his face as his whole lower body was covered in blood. I got out of bed and found blood everywhere on the sheets. It looked like someone had been murdered!

Asshole went and told his mates after that too.

Posted on 14-Mar-19 5:07PM
I wont tell anyone
Posted on 14-Mar-19 5:16PM
oh thats what i call every 4th Sunday
i remember fucking a girl once in the dark.. went to the bathroom and hello... joker face...
Posted on 14-Mar-19 5:30PM
That really sucks.. and yes, what an arsehole.

Similar story for me, minus the blood and age gap. It hurt so much I remember thinking at the time, "why the fuck would anyone want to do this again"?

Luckily I changed my mind....
Posted on 14-Mar-19 5:42PM
Literally laughing out loud right now.
Posted on 14-Mar-19 5:42PM
Oh Lord!!
Posted on 14-Mar-19 5:44PM
I hear ya!
Far out though. He was such a self-assured "I'll help you with your virginity problem" kinda guy.
It's one thing I would totally do over in my life if I could. I'd choose an older man, gentle and sensual, someone who really got my juices flowing!
Posted on 14-Mar-19 5:52PM
So true.

It's the one thing I'd truly love a "do over" on as well. So, so, so much better with the right guy.
Comment #22 by missionimpossible in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Mar-19 6:51PM
He was 21..I was 16... it happened in the front seat of his Holden Kingswood. After the second time he dropped me off where I was living and working.. I noticed his brown seat cover was covered in blood. Very embarrassing...
Posted on 14-Mar-19 6:58PM
arghh .. nevermind. . im sure he didnt
Posted on 14-Mar-19 11:27PM
Hell yes!
Comment #25 by Upforit2017 in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Mar-19 11:47PM
I was 13 she was 15.
it was in an abandoned hut in a paddock she rode me while there were two others similar age in the room doing same thing!! then she told me to bend her over an fuck her so I did lasted all of mins an told her I was about to cum she spun round and took it all in her mouth and swallowed it Good girl also she lived next door to me too so we started sneaking to each others,will never for get it thanks A
Posted on 14-Mar-19 11:48PM
i also remember cause my balls were so sore.. i actually couldnt sit down properly before said encounter... no idea to this fay what it was... never had it since... just painful
Comment #27 by mirddes in response to Upforit2017 ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-19 9:06AM
I was 15 whe was 13
When she lost hers she was and he was .

I ate her out lots and filled her with my cum bringing her to climaxes, by mouth, Two by cock, joining her for the final orgasm.
Comment #28 by DarkKnight in response to the main topic
Posted on 15-Mar-19 4:47PM
At my mates birthday party, this drunk chick was all over him and he got so smashed he passed out on the lawn and she decided to fuck me instead.
Comment #29 by Hannable in response to the main topic
Posted on 15-Mar-19 7:51PM
I was 18 I do know who ole she was meet her in a pub finished on the beach I ate her out she rimmed me good and proper then we fucked I have never seen her again

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