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  1. Discussion by FLRmale started 05-May-2024. Latest comment posted on 05-May-2024
    male,female or trans needed to give me a needed attitude alignment,use your favourite tool with t be a cane,belt tause etc,i need to feel the pain not pleasure
  2. Discussion by JustMe22 started 03-Mar-2023. Latest comment posted on 03-Mar-2023
    Is there anyone in Auckland could introduce me to bdsm? Spanking n whatever but mild to start?
  3. Discussion by Spooner started 13-May-2022. Latest comment posted on 06-Nov-2022
    Anyone interested in getting together for a bit of bdsm fun. I can host as I live alone. I have a few toys and an area in my garage I’ve set up for bondage and play. Looking forward to hearing from yo...
  4. Discussion by West started 30-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 30-Oct-2022
    Visiting Te Awamutu would love to meet others, interested in some light bondage xxx Visiting on 3rd November
  5. Discussion by submissive_male started 21-Dec-2013. Latest comment posted on 07-Mar-2022
    Is there anywhere in NZ where i can get a latex/rubber catsuit?
  6. Discussion by pgnewnz13 started 16-Nov-2021. Latest comment posted on 22-Nov-2021
    How many here, on fetlife, I'm addicted2sxnow
  7. Discussion by Goldie started 21-Nov-2021. Latest comment posted on 21-Nov-2021
    Looking for couple to introduce novice ( me ) in the world of bdsm, for pleasure and fun.
  8. Discussion by KinkyFetishTV started 14-Nov-2021. Latest comment posted on 15-Nov-2021
    Has been hassling me for 3 weeks to play and then was a no show and blocked me. Complete time waster.
  9. Discussion by pgnewnz13 started 02-Nov-2021. Latest comment posted on 02-Nov-2021
    I'm finding not many people know the difference between a MMF and a MFM, so with a FFM and a FMF. anyone else found this.
  10. Journal by bdsm started 23-Oct-2021. Latest comment posted on 24-Oct-2021
    looking for sadistic fem domme for experienced maso slaveto obey,your rules and likes not mine ,
  11. Discussion by Naughtydavid started 12-Sep-2021. Latest comment posted on 12-Sep-2021
    Hello, any lady's out there into Shibari , im wanting to dress a lady in ropes, all boundaries respected
  12. Discussion by mypetginger started 16-Aug-2021. Latest comment posted on 26-Aug-2021
    Hi all. Wondering if anyone can point me toward sexy slutwear that could be worn publicly. Nice dresses with easy access to tits and pussy etc that could go from being in a bar to crawling around on t...
  13. Discussion by Dell777 started 08-Jul-2021. Latest comment posted on 14-Jul-2021
    Hi would love to try this out, need someone to show me the ropes 😳
  14. Discussion by Virtual1 started 19-Mar-2021. Latest comment posted on 29-Mar-2021
    I'm new to BDSM, can anyone point me in the right direction for a club/group that can assist with my learning please.
  15. Discussion by Fcker started 28-Jan-2021. Latest comment posted on 28-Jan-2021
    I'd like to go to the nudist beach on Sunday. I'm in Palmerston North now. Help me where please or we can meet there?
  16. Discussion by Praisebe started 04-Jul-2019. Latest comment posted on 04-Sep-2020
    Looking for a master or mistress to please havnt had the pleasure of being bound and would love to experience this
  17. Discussion by KinkyFetishTV started 16-Dec-2019. Latest comment posted on 16-Dec-2019
    Just taking the opportunity to jntroduce myself. I would like too thank DeviantQueen whom I have know for many years for making me a moderator of this group. I have been in the BDSM scene for quite ...
  18. Announcement by DeviantQueen started 13-Dec-2019. Latest comment posted on 13-Dec-2019
    Say a big welcome to our new manager .. KinkyFetishTV Thank you to all who came forward .. this is my decision. As I'm rarely here I am thankful for someone that can be in my absence. Lets get th...
  19. Discussion by stocker started 18-Nov-2019. Latest comment posted on 18-Nov-2019
    Looking for someone to apply heat to my body.
  20. Discussion by DeviantQueen started 15-Nov-2019. Latest comment posted on 15-Nov-2019
    Im not online enough to moderate all of the time so are taking applications for a second in charge .. if your interested PM me please
  21. Discussion by MJd4fun started 15-Sep-2019. Latest comment posted on 19-Sep-2019
    Looking for other likeminded individuals - couples and females for fun on the coast.
  22. Discussion by kinkyfunhb started 29-Jun-2014. Latest comment posted on 05-Jul-2019
    We are a very kinky horny couple living in Hawkes bay. We are looking for a younger bisexual male sex slave. Must like cock and pussy. You must have a average to large cock, we like shaved cock and ba...
  23. Discussion by sperm started 14-May-2019. Latest comment posted on 14-May-2019
    I want a guy to cain my hole and maybe fuck me,friday 17th my place at 9.3 am I also would like some more CBT,ball bashing,cock bashing,hole bashing etc
  24. Discussion by juliatranny started 01-Aug-2016. Latest comment posted on 03-May-2019
    Hi subby cd sissy loves B&D coming to Auckland this week
  25. Discussion by DeviantQueen started 01-Aug-2018. Latest comment posted on 04-Nov-2018
    Can someone start a discussion? Please do not join and just sit waiting to be entertained. Share your experiences and knowledge .. thanks :) And remember 'play' nice kids!
  26. Discussion by Mike8plus started 23-Mar-2017. Latest comment posted on 10-Oct-2018
    Are there any dungeons in auckland that can be hired. If not any recommendations of Dom or Domme please
  27. Discussion by cowgirl started 08-Aug-2014. Latest comment posted on 20-Sep-2018
    Master and Mistress seeking female/male sub, ideally lives in the Bay and between the ages of thirty and fourty five . Must be clean and respectful and supply photo's
  28. Discussion by Rebel27 started 11-Feb-2018. Latest comment posted on 11-Feb-2018
    Any ladies or couples interested in kink monday or tuesday open to suggestions. Dom here
  29. Discussion by Nikita007 started 03-Jun-2017. Latest comment posted on 03-Jun-2017
    Hello anyone in new Plymouth want to go out tonight have a few drinks listen to music maybe even have a dance :) with no expectations of anything other than a great night in town
  30. Discussion by Raisin started 03-Feb-2017. Latest comment posted on 03-Feb-2017
    This is something that has really piqued my interest. This would be incredible ! My favourite video of the genre!
  31. Discussion by counterstrike01e started 02-Aug-2016. Latest comment posted on 02-Aug-2016
    I am looking for Mistress or Master with or with out sub looking to involve me in a extreme session
  32. Discussion by Kaykink started 15-Jun-2016. Latest comment posted on 15-Jun-2016
    Pretty open to anything, pm me
  33. Discussion by Rawbuns started 22-Apr-2016. Latest comment posted on 22-Apr-2016
    I'm a young fella looking to learn about BDSM, stuff like what makes a good Dom kinda thing, how to keep it safe etc so yeah hit me with some wisdom freaks!
  34. Discussion by tania started 28-Mar-2016. Latest comment posted on 28-Mar-2016
    I'm in need of someone or couple to tie me , mild b&,d , blind fold me humiliate me do things to me force me to serve them
  35. Discussion by Mike8plus started 10-Aug-2015. Latest comment posted on 22-Jan-2016
    I have been fantasising for sometime and I am looking for someone to control me. Blindfold. Humiliation. Dress me up. Mild pain. These are all things I crave but need someone to turn them into a reali...
  36. Discussion by strobbings started 20-Jan-2016. Latest comment posted on 20-Jan-2016
    Any one in auckland ,who love to give light domination,or know someone who does,for this old 1st timer. please let me know.
  37. Discussion by i8urmrs started 23-Sep-2014. Latest comment posted on 04-Oct-2015
    Hi all. Interested in info on this subect. Have played around with being tied up and woooow. But Is there sum safety rules etc on this. Eg how long how tite? And any lasting effects if you do this 2 m...
  38. Discussion by nicefox started 07-Aug-2012. Latest comment posted on 24-Jul-2015
    Hi I am interested in hearing from guyswho love getting their cock and balls tortured and how. Last year I had pegs put on my balls for the first time wow it was painful especially when they were remo...
  39. Discussion by Sinner-nz started 30-Apr-2015. Latest comment posted on 30-Apr-2015
    Ladies and gentlemen (or anywhere in between), step right up, step right up... [SIN INDUSTRIES] Adult Entertainment presents Kinky Carnival Night 2015: XXX Circus! A night of decadence and debauchery...
  40. Discussion by Angellips started 30-Dec-2014. Latest comment posted on 27-Apr-2015
    I aam keen to learn about this
  41. Discussion by nicefox started 15-Feb-2015. Latest comment posted on 17-Feb-2015
    Whos read the books and whos seen the film. I have read all 3 books and saw the film yesterday. Gave it a 3.5 out of 5 She was believable but Mr Grey wasnt.What do others think
  42. Discussion by BadDaisy started 03-Dec-2014. Latest comment posted on 04-Dec-2014
    Hi there, just started getting interested in Shibari/Kinbaku and wondering if anyone knows of anywhere I can get some nice feeling rope? Thanks!
  43. Discussion by cheekygirl64 started 15-Aug-2014. Latest comment posted on 31-Aug-2014
    I'm looking for a new Dom in Southland soon, my lovely Dom will be leaving me in a couple of months and he would like to meet and vet any applicants
  44. Discussion by jaybee2012 started 21-Aug-2014. Latest comment posted on 21-Aug-2014
    Hi am seeking sub slut for training and play Will pay travel costs Ongoing training wanted Me very kinky will test your limits Tell me why you are the one I should choose
  45. Discussion by Mike8plus started 03-Aug-2014. Latest comment posted on 05-Aug-2014
    I fantasise about being under the control of a master and the urges are getting stronger and I must do it. Looking for someone to start me on this journey who will dominate punish blindfold and restra...
  46. Discussion by birequest started 01-Jul-2014. Latest comment posted on 06-Jul-2014
    ....with male chastity devices, i.e. cock cages..i am keen to get one so that i can be put into chastity..but online there looks to be lots of different kinds, styles....any help with this from subs o...
  47. Discussion by Hayd17 started 23-Mar-2014. Latest comment posted on 01-Jul-2014
    any daddies older types into BDSM/kink/gloryholes/masked orgies etc.. lets chat
  48. Discussion by nsafun69 started 14-Jun-2014. Latest comment posted on 14-Jun-2014
    Looking for fun with a female this weekend
  49. Discussion by Zero started 03-May-2014. Latest comment posted on 08-Jun-2014
    Exp master plenty sadistic evil toys your place or mine very very dirty
  50. Discussion by 2meke_teke started 17-May-2014. Latest comment posted on 30-May-2014
    How do you like your meat? Bear, twink, leathered, Asian, slim, hairless, hairy, beefy? Are you top? Bottom? Versatile? Are you an out bi guy or is it clandestine? Or just curious at this stage...
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